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Advice on FICO 04?

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Advice on FICO 04?



I have credit scores from all 3 bureaus from recent apps.


EX: 757 (FICO 08) - 10/9/13 BOA pull
EQ: 681 (FICO 04?) - 10/9/13 Cap1 pull
TU: 762 (FICO 98 or 08?) - 10/27/13 Barclay's pull


I purchased MyFico EQ04 and TU98 a couple of times a few months back and each time, I had a big difference between them with EQ04 always being lower than TU98. I noticed that the credit report from MyFico would give me "too many accounts with balances" as one of the reasons my EQ04 was low while it didn't give such reasons to my TU98 even though the two CRs have almost identical contents except for a few inquiry differences.


The Cap1 pull and another pull I had recently were both EQ and I suspect they were 04 judging by how much lower they were compared to EX and TU.


It seems that something about my credit picture doesn't not click with the Equifax FICO 04 Beacon 5.0 model and I would like to know what that is.


Anyone have any advice?


My util is low each month around 4% or so.

I PIF every month.

No bad records ever.

Credit history is 2 years a 2 months old.

AAoA is only 9 months due to recent app spree.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Advice on FICO 04?

CBs use different algorithms when scoring profiles. New accounts or inq's may ding your reports in varying degrees. It is possible that your low AAOA is being scored against you on EQ as opposed to EX/TU.

Knowing that your EQ score is being harmed by new accts and if you just went on a spree, some gardening time is strongly suggested.
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