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All credit bureaus and monitoring services are shifty!

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All credit bureaus and monitoring services are shifty!

I don't understand why a service can't just simply monitor and report my 2 or 3 scores (and reports). I am trying to buy a house and have been to experian, only to learn that is a "consumer" score. So I came here to sign up for the free 10 day trial thinking OK ... now I will see my REAL FICO scores from TU and EF. 


But no ... I sign up and only ONE score is given. I have to pay $20 for the TU score?! And I'm guessing I have to do this EVERYTIME i want a TU score update?


What a croc. Say it aint so. Say that I only pay once to get constant updates to TU and EF scores.


Given that credit bureaus monitor and track your credit activity ... they should make your score and your report freely available to you AT ANYTIME. Not once a year, not for $19.99, not only through, but always and forever. 


Sorry - I'm losing my mind here.




EDIT: If anyone is still wondering what the question is - it is this: If I pay $19.99 to ALSO see my TU FICO score / report (in addition to the $14.99 /mo fee???), will it only update once? Or update all the time?



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Re: All credit bureaus and monitoring services are shifty!

Sorry, but unfortunatly it will only give you your TU score once.  There is no one place to get all of your True FICO's in one place for one fee.  You can use USAA for monitoring your credit reports daily for one monthly fee.  But not your FICO scores.  USAA will give you all three FAKO scores daily.

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Re: All credit bureaus and monitoring services are shifty!

Ditto to the above. SW only provides info based off EQ. You have to purchase TU separately. If looking to pull frequently, then consider the FICO Quarterly Monitoring product. It really doesn't monitor your report, but does look for ID theft related changes to TU and provides a quarterly update to your FICO and TU report. If pulling often, they'll give you a 20% discount on future reports.


Sadly, there is no product anywhere in the world that offers all 3 CRs and all 3 FICO scores together...without the help of a lender's pull.

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