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Anomalies or possible late-month Rebucket

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Anomalies or possible late-month Rebucket

Happy Friday my Fico Friends and hope all is well.  As always, thank you for all the folks who take their own time to be on here in an effort to help each other.  The value of our group is priceless! Smiley Happy


First things first:  By all means, since this is a "tweaking" or "toying around" type thing such as # of accounts w/balances, etc. etc., it can wait should you land on a post that needs attention first.  Also, this post basically is piggybacking off of another post about "TU won't even open the door an inch" as it REFUSES to go above 799.  The post is located here:


So I'm sitting on relatively high scores, not said to brag, but we all know gaining/losing points once scores are high like this, ANY little change has more of an impact per se.  I doubt - HIGHLY doubt - gaining 10 EQ points and gaining 18 EX points overnight was out of the kindness of their cold dead hearts.  With nothing changing, I simply cannot understand how whenever we all know once scores get up here like this, it's VERY much a snails pace except for something new or derogatory or INQ, etc., and TU (being the exception to the rule likely due to FCU not reporting to TU) and as others advised in the linked post, a 3 or 4 month old account.  The anomaly is that particular account (either Lowe's or HD) reports to all 3.  Thus, I have to *assume* it has to do with the lack of the CU accounts subsequenly messing with age (both oldest and AAoA).  Just to reiterate, all things are equal except for the CU accounts from WAY back when (closed/paid) and current ones around  5 years old.  I got FCU's CC at $20K and a HELOC at $15K, neither of which have a balance.  


Got some alerts late last evening & scores are as follows, even paid (twice this month LOL) to get the true FICO as I know better than to even utter the word FAKOH LOL Smiley Happy.


FICOS: EX: 832; TU: 799, EQ: 818- 26 JUN 15 from (same order) 814, 799, 808


Here's where the "anomalies" start:  in the ABSENCE of these CU accounts, TU should NOT be showing my AAoA and Oldest the same as EXP/EFX.  Yet, accourding to the "what raises/lowers your score" area, it IS identical.  Obviously, that just doesn't make a lick of sense whenever the absence of two accounts are not being taken into account with TU compared to the other two CRAs.  


I have even gone TL by TL to look at the "Date Opened" which was NOT yesterday's date.  I checked that to ensure it wasn't an account rolling into another month of being open.  That already happened last week so IDK....  Also, it isn't the CU accounts rolling over into another month either sicne those are not on TU to begin with.


Anywho - Rebucketing - is this even something that could/would occur once we're up here like this?  Or is this the "last bucket" for lack of better terms?  It's driving me BATTY trying to figure it out to no avail. 


Summary: Not a darn thing changed on anything during the 2 days but EXP & EFX decided to be a bit generous out of the blue.  You've all taught me well enough that EVERy little aspect of those reports have been picked apart until I see green "OKs" when I close my eyes LOLOL.  Thus, I'm throwing this out there for the "Masterminds" to toss some possibilities out here as to how it's fluctuating as it is while having a stagnant TU.  The whole YMMV part is just that too, I know, but when things are NOT changing and/or dates are not rolling another month onto the aging (or being removed too), it makes a person go NUTS looking for the "needle in a haystack".  


Thank you all in advance & i I have omitted some key info, please just let me know.  I did not want to repeat the linked thread in here & the Data Points/Metrics are in that link, first post.  If I should just roll with it, I'll do that too LOLOL Smiley Happy .  Is it REALLY asking the CRAs that much to at least give the reason(s) behind an up/down (yes, I know the answer - we're lucky to get an accurate report 99% of the time). 


Take care all & if you need more info, I'll be here Smiley Happy .  Thanks again!

BCE: 22.5K; BC-REW: 15K; QSSIG: 15K; CITI: 6K; FREE: 15.5K; DISC-IT: 17K; FCU: 20K; FCU-HELOC: 7.3/45K; AMZ-MC: 6.5K; KAY: 7.4K, LOWES VISA: 22K. FICOS: EX: 829; TU: 812, EQ: 822- 21 OCT 15. (NEVER TO FORGET PRE-MF: 635, 629, & 630 in Oct 2012)
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