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Another FAKO vs FICO question

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Another FAKO vs FICO question

I am curious about this.  Most every time I see these comparisons, it seems to me that FAKO scores are anywhere from a bit higher to extremely higher than FICO scores.  As I look at my new credit monitoring service reports, as well as CK, my FAKO scores are quite a bit lower than my FICO scores.  Anyways, I'm just wondering if anyone else experiences this.

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Re: Another FAKO vs FICO question

It's a YMMV-thing. It may be close one month, and double or triple points off from your FICO the next month. 

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Re: Another FAKO vs FICO question

Some of my FAKOs are higher some lower. They vary a lot. Come to think of it my actual FICOs vary quite a bit as well from one version to another.

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