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Another FICO vs FAKO

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Another FICO vs FAKO

Again I must say I LOVE these forums and have learned a TON in the week or so I have been in here.  I just pulled my TrueCredit reports as I have recently written many GW letters and one PFD letter.  I have received notice of one removal off of EXP......anyway...
My scores are as follows:
As of June 16.....
FAKO        TU=566                   EXP=502                   EQU=529
FICO         TU=514 (June 15)   EXP=524 (June 12)   EQU=508 (June 15)
I know that the FAKO is not real but I just find it interesting the differences in the scores.  I have TrueCredit to monitor reports and to find other information out. 
Any ideas?  Thanks again for the GREAT information and better yet, all the support you have shown....I will keep updating..
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Re: Another FICO vs FAKO

TrueCredit scores are FAKOs. Nothing more to say. Smiley Happy
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