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Any benefit to reducing total limits?

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Any benefit to reducing total limits?

Now that I have "enough" available credit, I would still like to convert some of the credit which is less useful to me into the kind of credit I find more useful, namely credit union platinum non-rewards cards, and personal lines of credit.


Will I benefit from preemptively closing or reducing limits on the less useful accounts?

Total revolving limits 741200 (620700 reporting) FICO 8: EQ 703 TU 704 EX 687

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Re: Any benefit to reducing total limits?

It could if your current total limits/exposure coud potentially be the constraint to approval/growth of the products that you desire.  Whether or not that is the case would no doubt be lender-specific and almost impossible to determine under most circumstances.

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Re: Any benefit to reducing total limits?

You may benefit by reducing total limits with a bank / CU when you intend to app other cards, but even that is bank-specific.

Your FICO score will not be affected unless aggregate utilization is affected.
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