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Any predictions for amount of increase.

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Any predictions for amount of increase.

I am wondering what my score would be when the following occurs...I currently have 2 cc's with a  total uti of 89%

and will pay them down to about 50% a the end of this month.  (Next month I will get them down to below 9%)

Also my new car loan will reach the 6 month mark at the end of the mark.  My AAoA is 3 years with my oldest

account being at 5 years 11mo's. 


Thanks to all who respond!

Starting Score: 550's
Score: Equifax 626 TU 613 Experian 671
Lender pull 01/22/2013 Eq 641 TU 636 Exp 670
Goal Score: 720
Closed Escrow on 03/05/2013!!!
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