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Are my charge-offs reporting correctly?

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Are my charge-offs reporting correctly?

Hi! I paid a bunch of debt earlier this year. I have a charge-off from Fingerhut that went delinquent in 2018 that I paid in January. On my MYFICO credit report, it has now updated with CO status in the payment history for March. Now, all of my report summaries say I have a recent missed payment a month ago because of this. Another charge-off I paid (Merrick Bank, which was originally charged off last year) in January now reports an updated payment history for the month of January as OK and Feb and Mar are marked as CO. What is going on? These can't be correct. Can I dispute these payment histories?

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Re: Are my charge-offs reporting correctly?

First thing you need to do is pull your reports from annual credit report site as sometimes credit monitoring services interpret information incorrectly. 

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Re: Are my charge-offs reporting correctly?

Also, if the payment history is inaccurate, I mean you can dispute so they can correct it, but if the account was ultimately charged off, the payment history is pretty much moot as the whole account is now considered derogatory because of the charge off. So fixing the payment history won't really help score-wise.

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