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Authorized user removed from credit report

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Authorized user removed from credit report

I am an authorized user on a credit card from Elan and received an alert today via WalletHub that I was removed as an authorized user from an account but I am still am authorized user on that account verified with the credit card company (and the person who owns the account).  I disputed something recently from on my reports for Elan from an account that was in my name only, wondering if it was possibly that they screwed up the accounts but seems unlikely that all 3 would have screwed that up?


Was there some change recently that had to do with authorized users being reported?  Or does Elan just stop reporting authorized user after so many years?


How will this affect my score?  The credit limit was pretty high on that card and utilization was quite low and I thought that was helping my score.  


ETA:  I forgot to mention that I subscribe to Experian and pulled my credit report from all 3 bureaus today and that account has disappeared from all 3.

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Re: Authorized user removed from credit report

Wallethub does that sometimes.  Like CK, they get screwed up.  Go to and try to get a TU freebie.  If not, just compare your Wallethub TU to your Credit Karma TU and see if they are both reporting the mistake, more than likely they are.....then just pull direct from TU though...(check TrueIdentity) cuz I see the same mistakes on both TU and CK that are not on Transunion from TrueIdentity. Also, when I pull a 3b from Exp. it will show the differences if any.


eta: check Nerdwallet too

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Re: Authorized user removed from credit report

Ostensibly could've been any number of things.


As for what the penalty is, depends on what's on the rest of your file; FWIW at least for FICO 8/9 it might not have been counted at all depending how the abuse algorithm scored it.


For napkin example, if you only had 2 tradelines, and 1 was an AU that was counted, it may well hurt... in my case though I have 18 open revolvers (not all count fully but for illustration purposes), and if 1 were an AU and I lost it: it'd probably be irrelevant.


Ultimately you want to build your own credit file and not rely on AU's, but in the short term the loss of an AU can hurt depending how the rest of your file looks.

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Re: Authorized user removed from credit report

Ask the account holder to contact Elan and ask that you be reported again.
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