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Auto charge off after 6 years

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Auto charge off after 6 years

I had a vehicle financed thru Santander that was repo'd back in 2016. It's been on my credit since then and it has held my scores back, but I've rebuilt pretty well over the last few years as this is my only big bad. 

Today I got notification that a had a score drop on Experian and it says that Santander has flagged my account as a charge off on my report. How is that different from what it was before and why the sudden drop in score less than a year before it's removed?

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Re: Auto charge off after 6 years

Santander is probably sending a message being so close to the fall off date that you owe them. Were still here. Also since it hasnt been paid. Santander has written the account off as a loss for their records. Depending on your states SOL they could go legal or not. Or send it to a CA as a last ditch effort. They're a bear at times.

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Re: Auto charge off after 6 years

@RTOrockstar  Before the notification was the account reporting the status of repossesion with a balance? Is it now reporting the account was charge off with a zero balance?

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Re: Auto charge off after 6 years

The account probably hadn't reported in a while, and they recently updated it, causing a "catch up penalty" in the FICO algorithm, thus lowering your scores.

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