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Call back from from agency I sent GW to......

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Call back from from agency I sent GW to......

AHHHHH and I missed the call. I wasn't at home at the time of the call and they are closed now! ACK! They also did not leave a message! Anyway, I sent them a GW letter on Friday. I am sure that is what the call was concerning because they have no other reason to contact me. This was for an item that was PIF (a medical bill) after they'd already placed it on my report. I paid it in February and they even sent me a letter to say that I'd paid it and also notified the bureaus that it was paid. Anyway, I'm going to have to wait until tomorrow to phone them back it seems. I'm hoping the news is good? I'm surprised they called me so fast. I didn't ask them to call in the letter. I just told them very nicely that I'd like the item removed from my report. Please tell me this sounds like good news....LOL. What do you think? Would they call to tell me 'no'?? I'm calling them back first thing tomorrow and I will let everyone here know how it goes! Keeping my fingers crossed and asking for prayers. This is the only negative item on my reports!!! Thanks for 'listening'!
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Re: Call back from from agency I sent GW to......

Please keep us posted.  i just faxed a letter to a CA for my wife for a small medical bill paid five years ago.  We didn't know what it was, and paid it immediately once we figured it out.  It is her only real bad item on her report too, so we are hoping for the best.  I hope to hear something soon too!
Good luck!
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