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Can my credit score reach...

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Can my credit score reach...

My credit scores have been increasing each month. I have some old collections on my reports and am wondering if anyone knows or experienced themselves reaching a high score over time, even with collections on their reports?


I'm hoping to reach a 660+ with collections on my report. 


Note: I understand everyone's situation is different, just wondering if it's possible?

Starting scores 8/23/2012: EQ-526; TU-506; EX-548
Lender pull 10/11/2012 EQ-569; TU-531; EX-560
Lender Pull 11/5/2012 EQ-584; TU-598; EX-559
Lender pull 1/22/2013 EQ?; TU-607; Ex-539
Milestone 1: 620
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Re: Can my credit score reach...

Yes it is possible...


I had several collections and during rebuilding process my scores reached 740's. Once I decided to do the ethical thing and pay off the collection as it did belong to me it tanked my scores back down to 651. But the good news is today which is only a few years later my scores hoover between 795 and 810 depending on how I use my CC's.

Good Luck
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Re: Can my credit score reach...

I had mid 750's last year, then an old hostipal collection resurfaced that I thought i'd paid. You know how you go to the doctors and for one visit and now you get 8 different bill statements....because different services you have to play each person seperate ( people who run lab test, the person who did your xray, fluffed your hospital well, one slipped through the cracks and i didn't even realize it because I was paying so many different people. This was the only bad thing on my credit report and i tanked down 85 points from that and nothing I did could make it passed 690. I called the collection agency and did a pay for delete and my score went back up 50 points. Now i'm at 750-760 again :-) Call them up and pay what you owe. You may even get to pay just a percentage since they bought the collection pennies on the dollar.

Current: TU 772 EQ 765 EX 760 (GE credit pull)
Goal 800+
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