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Credit Karma is junk.

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Re: Credit Karma is junk.

ficofox wrote:

Also, CK said I had 11 inquires and I actually only have 3.  CK must be counting softs in there.


I know that CK offers a TransRisk score and a Vantage, but both, I believe, factor in inquiries up to 2 years. FICO ignores inquiries beyond one year which could explain the difference.

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Re: Credit Karma is junk.

Credit Karam is a FAKO score just like all of the other NON FICO BOUGHT SCORES. My CK is actually close to my fico.


TU FICO: 785*

TU CK: 764

EQ FICO: 759


Take Credit Karma for what it is worth. Dont base any financial decision on it though!


Starting Score: EQ 666, TU 668, EX 664
Current Score: EQ 673, TU 677, EX 669 (I am not listing the 40 point loss)
Goal Score: 701

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Re: Credit Karma is junk.

I'm actually on the opposite end of the spectrum, and feel equally duped. I was under the assumption that could at least give me a fair gage of my scores, even though I was aware they were a FAKO score site. I assumed "how different can this score really be? they're using the same credit report to generate a score". Well, long story short, they determined my score to be about 40 points higher than it actually is. That, in my case, makes the difference between being approved for unsecured credit cards, a home loan, and so forth. Seeing that my real FICO score is 613 was crushing. At least I'm taking the right steps toward improving my credit.

Starting Score (12/19/10): EX 588, EQ 585, TU?
Current Score (5/21/11): EX 652, EQ 648, TU 635
Goal Score: EQ 700, TU 700

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Re: Credit Karma is junk.

That really is disappointing--a big let down. Keep up the work and you'll get there. Time is all it takes.

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