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Credit karma just cracks me up

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Re: Credit karma just cracks me up

TT, why the change resulting in consumers no longer being able to check LN scores?

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Re: Credit karma just cracks me up

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The CK info is a generalization. A few insurers don't use CBIS at all in determining premiums but, over 90% consider CBIS when setting premiums. Quite a few insurers use 3rd party CBIS models (such as State Farm and AAA) but many others use, half baked, internally developed CBIS models.


Sarge, not sure what state you reside in but, some states (three as I recall) prohibit insurance companies from utilizing CBIS when setting premiums. Perhaps the reason your home insurance is not elevated although your CBIS "needs work" is because your insurance company puts little or no focus on CBIS or you live in a state that prohibits its use. Of course the most commom 3rd party CBIS is LexisNexis and that model may like your profile better. Unfortunaterly you can no longer check your LN scores as a consumer.

I live in South Carolina and have State Farm for everything except the motorcycle policies which are with progressive. I have always had State Farm....44 the length of time I've been a customer is likely an influence. You said State Farm uses Lexis-Nexis, so it may be different.

Sarge, no doubt your long term relationship with State Farm is a factor. Your rates would likely be higher if you were a new customer.


Also, State Farm rarely pulls CBIS for existing customers on renewals. In general you have to request it and it is not a good idea to do so unless you are fairly sure your score has improved or is quite high. My local agent was rather clueless about CBIS even though my 6 month renewals state the policy holder can request SF to re-evaluate premiums once every 6 months using updated CBIS.


I have been with State Farm for 40 years but, my current home/auto/umbrella policy is only 24 years old. The nice thing about my policy is the guaranteed insurability for life as long as I have a valid drivers license. It's written into the policy Smiley Very Happy. A local SF agent told me she tried getting a policy with guaranteed insurance back in 2002 but, by that time it was no longer offered.


I have never lost my license.  However, SF did send me an unpleasant letter a few years back due to multiple speeding tickets and a couple parking lot incidents Smiley Sad.


BTW - Choice Point and LexisNexis are one and the same. Either might be referenced.


Time for another chart - this one using Choice Point (LN) CBIS data. link added.


Choice Point Auto graph.gif

Fico 8: .......EQ 850 TU 850 EX 850
Fico 9: .......EQ 850 TU 850 EX 850
Fico 4 .....:. EQ 809 TU 823 EX 830 EX Fico 98: 842
VS 3.0:...... EQ 835 TU 835 EX 835
Fico 8 BC:. EQ 892 TU 900 EX 900
CBIS: ........EQ LN Auto 940 EQ LN Home 870 TU Auto 902 TU Home 950
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