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Credit utility scores.

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Credit utility scores.

I am a new member on the forum. I have an excellent financial situation and a spotless credit history.....0 negative accounts, 0 collections, and 0 late payments.

My debt to income ratio is around 7%....a 444$ mortgage payment with an after tax monthly income of 6,500$. I have recently been financed for a home by a major bank,a truck purchase by a federal credit union and have 2 credit cards extending 3000$ each and frequent monthly prequalified offers of more credit....for a total of around 65,000 in credit recently granted me. I use the cards sparingly and pay them off monthly.


Yet I have recently been denied credit by a small utility co-op for monthly electricity use which will average less than 50$ The reason given for refusal was " an Equifax "utility score of less than 94"....the co-ops cut off point. I have been unable to find any reference to a " Utility Credit Score" on any of the consumer credit websites. I don't know my FICA score but one estimate program given from my data provided was 745-795. I am both confused and befuddled by this event and have no idea if I have an Equafax scoring problem or a problem with the Co-op credit manager ignoring an adequate/above average FICA score and using some obscure other means to obtain an unneeded "security deposit" for a miniscule monthly utility bill.

Has anyone ever encountered anything like this? What is a "Utility Credit Score" and what factors go into it. Can it be repaired. I don't feel I should be having any problems, I have spent the last 30+ years maintaining a flawless credit history so credit would be available if and when I need it and I am angry.

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Re: Credit utility scores.


The above links may shed a tille info into what they are looking at, assuming that's the score they used. It's more than just credit. Looks like they could be taking demographics, income, prior utility payment history, and others into account.

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Re: Credit utility scores.

You are the second poster to ask about this.  I had never heard of it before.


Equifax manages the National Consumer Telecom & Utilities Exchange (NCTUE) and this is apparently where the score comes from.  From what I read they are a CRA and fall under the FCRA like any other and you can get a copy of your CR from them.



ETA:  I'm slow.  I was reading before I posted lol.

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Re: Credit utility scores.

Yes I believe you have nailed the credit score program he was referring to.. It still does not make sense that my  score constitutes a credit risk as I have no payment problems,income problems,utility billing or payment problems, debt level problems nor any other factors that would tend to raise risk levels. 

I am guessing now that this program is including some other demographics or Equifax has some incorrect data input in my calculation.

At least now I know where the problem lies. Equifax is sending me a report on this refusal with a number to contact to correct the data if least that is what I've been told. Thank you much for your reply.

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