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Creditworks v MF AAoA calculation differences

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Re: Creditworks v MF AAoA calculation differences

So if I don’t have any inquiries on the first and I keep any credit cards from reporting around the first, then any changes on the first should be caused only by age related changes or scorecard reassignments right?

Edit: I don’t necessarily need real-time reporting I can use the delayed reporting from MF, right? I should just expect it to be delayed right?
Bank: Retail cards : Installment (EQ only):

Goal: All >800;
Payment History=100%; Utilization=under 9%; AAoA=7, 6.5, 6.5 (EQ,TU,EX), AooA=44; Newest= 6mo, Inq=4,2,6(EQ,TU,EX); No Baddies.
Considering Discover & Clearpoints pre-qualification.
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