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Did Equifax Fico Scorepower change?

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Did Equifax Fico Scorepower change?

I am in the middle of a mortgage refinance and am trying to obtain my equifax beacon 5.0 score. I used to be able to get it from Myfico and I saw on the boards I could still get it from Equifax. When I pulled that score it was the same as my new updated score on Myfico. When Myfico updated my score it went from a 611 to 638 and now Scorepower is showing the same 638. Did equifax recently change the model? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Equifax customer service reps have not been helpful. 

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Re: Did Equifax Fico Scorepower change?

I do not know but right now my Myfico score is 624 and my equifax score is 561, crazy


I just had a student loan added to my credit report, so I think Equifaxe scores, which as far as I know is still 5.0, finds the new loan significant and the new Fico scoring system ignores it


In May, my Fico Score did match what my a mortage broker pulled, exactly , So in May as far as I know Fico was using Beacon 5.0

Starting Score: TU Fico 591 : Equifax Fico 569 5/2012
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Re: Did Equifax Fico Scorepower change?

Score Power did not change. But MyFICO is no longer offering Score Power reports. The only place from which you can get a Score Power Report is the Equifax website.


I'm a little upset that MyFICO converted my Score Power report that came with my Score Watch subscription to a Standard report. I had to get my Score Power from Equifax. That's $20 + tax down the drain.

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