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Difference in 3 Credit Reporting Agencies

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Difference in 3 Credit Reporting Agencies

I get my credit reports every month, but always see a substantial difference between TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax.  For example...this month i am scoring 712/690/650.  Is this typical?  A 62 pt difference??
Thank you.
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Re: Difference in 3 Credit Reporting Agencies

Are your scores FICO's, or FAKO's (from other sites, including directly from the CRA's)? Are your scores listed in the order that you listed the CRA's? My only baddies are late payments, and EQ has been as much as 40 points lower than the others. I'm also trying to figure out if EX penalizes inquiries more than the others (I only have one there.)

Otherwise, print out your reports, get out a yellow highlighter, and see if there are any differences. Sometimes one will have an old report, which helps your overall age, or another will have a CA that's not on the others, which obviously hurts.
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