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Does the timing matter?

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Does the timing matter?

In calculating FICO score, does the timing matter? Consider these 2 scenarios:

1) Currently I carry a balance of $5,000 & my utilization ratio is 70%. Every month I pay the minimum balance & my utilization after 2 years is 60%. At that time, I pay off almost the entire balance & bring my utilization down to 2%.

2) Currently I carry a balance of $5,000 & my utilization ratio is 70%. I paid off almost the entire balance today & bring my util down to 2% today. I keep my util at 2% for 2 years.

After 2 years, will my FICO be the same? Assume all other factors stay the same i.e no impact of inquiries, no payment delay etc.

P.S: This question is very important for me so please answer only if you're sure. Thanks!
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Re: Does the timing matter?

There is no exact answer to that question.because there other factors to be considered.

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