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E-mail from equifax

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E-mail from equifax

Have been frustrated with Equifax lately and unexplained drop of 8 points for no reason.
Got this mail from Equifax, due to the Bucket Syndrome.
At least it is good news.

We have received your email inquiry.

We apologize for the delay in responding to your inquiry and for the inconvenience you have experienced.

There are many reasons why your credit score may increase or decrease.


uses "Score Cards" which are used to group individual information on a credit report.

When accounts are placed on the Equifax Credit Report (TM), an individual "Score Card" is recorded.

Previously, you were in the best of a certain group. Your group may have been of higher risk to potential credit lenders. Once elements such as balances and entire accounts change on your credit report, you moved to a different comparison group, where you are now in a better overall group, but with lower than average standing.

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Re: E-mail from equifax

Wow zman!!! Thanks a lot for that!

You've just confirmed from CRA that score buckets do indeed exist. Smiley Happy

That is a relief to know. Now I won't go ballistic whenever my score takes a plunge! lol So it's not all bad when the scores drop. Just means you've "graduated".
"Never ever, ever be late. Never" (FUTR)
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Re: E-mail from equifax

Just received 5 of those points back a couple of days ago.
So equifax has me as 655 but my refi bank now has my middle score at 672 GEEEESSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHH.
(Yes I had him pull again because it is within the 15-30 day window for mortgages and only counts as one 1 inquiry anyway)
Driving me crazy.  
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