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EQ FICO 8 irregularity

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Re: EQ FICO 8 irregularity

That would be quite a task Dinosaur! I’ll just be happy to figure out a few things here and there and contribute what I can. But I did re-run this test with different cards and got the same results for EQ and TU. (EX has no change at these ratios.) I’m gonna bump my TU as well. I’d like to see some other people confirm on other profiles and hopefully learn more.

Installment loan reported this month,so technically, I'm at 2 months, but AoYA points were NOT reset. When new CCs hit and it is reset, I'll put the number it is.+1,+2,+2(Forgive typos, mobile.)(Everything said is Just IMHO.)
Scores updated AUG 4, '19. Since then, 5 HP dings to add; will update again.
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