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Equifax Advantage Scores

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Equifax Advantage Scores



I signed up for Equifax Advantage and when I signed in, up popped and equifax, transunion, and experian score


All (3) scores were lower then lets say my Equifax if pulled from Myfico and Transunion if pulled from Creditkarma


What are my Equifax scores like 80 points lower then the others?




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Re: Equifax Advantage Scores

Compare all three of your reports, you know, the details. You likely have accounts/negatives/collections reporting on some reports, but not all three bureau's. Everytime I see a different score (by different we're talking more than 10pts) it's because a particular account (good or bad) is only partially reporting (not all three bureau's).


Some creditors also report differently to the bureau's, probably a software thing with poorly trained employees.  I can't imagine the amount of time that goes into credit bureau reporting on a daily basis. What a job huh?

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