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Equifax Score Dropped 13 points after paying to 0% Balance?

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Equifax Score Dropped 13 points after paying to 0% Balance?

Hey everyone I have been rebuilding my credit for the past year. I started with a 450 and in the last year got my scores up to Ex 731, Tu 707, EQ 655. In the last 5 months I have been keep my untilazion between 1 and 5%. So this month I paid everything in full. Because there is no need to pay any interest. Keep in mind I wasnt expecting my score to go up just stay the same. Then Bam on the EQ website my score took a 13 point hit for not using my availble credit. I have $4150 in credit on my cards 2 cap1 at $500 each, Credit one at $550 (yeah I now it sucks lol) Discover at $2000, and Webbank at $600. I normally spend $1500 to $2000 threw them each month and pay them off only leaving about $2 to $30 on 1 or 2 cards. Now that they are all paid down to 0% i lose 13 points thats crazy.


Re: Equifax Score Dropped 13 points after paying to 0% Balance?

Yes, you need to maintain a small balance reporting each month on one of your cards, less than 9% of a cards CL and you will regain those points.
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