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Equifax is unlike the others!!

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Equifax is unlike the others!!

Does anyone else notice the MINUTE an account is closed or if your terminated as an AU Equifax removes it 100% from the report? what happened to the 7 year thing? everyone else does it why not Equifax?  paid off a personal loan and BOOM next month GONE 100% not even showing paid in full just GONE (both Fico and Vantage)



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Re: Equifax is unlike the others!!

I think that likely has to more to do with the lender rather than the credit reporting agency. Still, one would think that if the lender removes the account, it'd be gone from all reports.


There's never a guarantee that an account will stay on one's report after it's closed, although it's generally safe to bet on ten years or so.

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Re: Equifax is unlike the others!!

Safe bet that EQ will remove it in 30 seconds too lol

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Re: Equifax is unlike the others!!

I actually have more accounts on my Equifax report than the others and the difference is in closed accounts.  I even have one still on my report that closed in 2009.

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Re: Equifax is unlike the others!!

All of my closed "revolvers" are reporting to all 3 CRAs, can't comment on installment loans since my only one is my mortgage and it's still open.
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Re: Equifax is unlike the others!!

This must be the lender in question. I have a lot of closed revolvers and loans still on my equifax. Some are even older than 10 years from the close date.

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Re: Equifax is unlike the others!!

I've experienced the same as others. My Equifax is reporting the same info as the other two Bureau's. In fact, Equifax is still reporting one very old account from 2006 that the other two aren't anymore. As stated already, I think it may be more lender specific.

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Re: Equifax is unlike the others!!

5 of my revolving accounts disappeared
from Equifax within 1 year of closing, and
continue to appear on EX and TU more than
a year later.

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Re: Equifax is unlike the others!!

Equifax in my experience has always had sloppier data retention than the other two anecdotally.


That's been the case since I started really tracking my credit back in 2011: to be fair I benefitted from that, my non-trivial federal tax lien was flatly gone from EQ years early, and I admittedly abused that for my credit rebuilding.


AU termination: maybe partly by lender, but admittedly this is a good thing.  The 3 bureaus do insert / remove data on slightly different timelines though usually it's measured in weeks difference even when things go sideways.


Closed account or other data removal: EQ just seems less consistent than the other two, and that's been a common refrain in threads too over time.  Sometimes it helps, sometimes it's worse, ultimately build a thick enough file that it doesn't matter would be my recommendation.

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