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Equifax...surely borne out of the embers of chaos itself.

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Equifax...surely borne out of the embers of chaos itself.

!@#&$*@#$  Whole big post just shot to heck by some magic key-combo I have yet to figure out.
EQ hates me.  And either they or National City are lying.
I found inaccurate infor on NC, so I disputed.  EQ came back "verified".
I disputed again, this time a little more specific as to the problems (incorrectly reported charge-offs, lates, and current status).
This is for a CC that was paid off last year April and has no balance since.
It continued to show past dues +120 days as status and charge-off through this year.
After the second dispute, EQ updated it to show charge-offs through Feb '07, two payments in March and April (both listed as 90 day lates), reaged the account, and still show it as open.  I could scream.
My score dropped 11 points overnight.  How on earth do you have a zero balance, charge-offs and two 90 day lates on an account that was paid over a year ago?
I have certified letters to EQ, and it looks like I've got someone in a lie:  Either EQ is lying about verifying my account, or NC is lying about what they're reporting and intentionally submitting false information.
Is this common?  I cannot seem to get a real person on the phone when I call EQ, and NC won't discuss my account over the phone.  I am going to demand NC and EQ provide the documents used in "verifying" my report information.
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Re: Equifax...surely borne out of the embers of chaos itself.

I think you need to get someone high up at National City to correct it. At least get the people at Nat City to fax you a letter confirming it was a mistake and what it should be. You can do a lot with a confirmation letter your self with EQ. I gave up on waiting for companies to fix mistakes. I make them fax me in writing that it was an error. Then I contact who ever to have it corrected my self. This probably will work for you. I believe the error stands on Nat City.
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