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Even 6-1/2 year old lates hurt

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Re: Proof that on my profile, even 6-1/2 year old lates hurt

@ImTheDevil wrote:
Wise plan - don’t poke the bear. If they do resurface though, fill out the charity care app. You never know, with medical bills the cutoff may be quite high and you may get in.

I think you basically have to qualify for Medi-Cal to qualify for the charity care, which I don't. I'm technically a single mom (enganged, but not to my son's father), so I'm sure that helps a little. However, I'm definitely not poking that bear any time soon. We're ready to buy a house next year and my credit really can't take that kind of hit.

I think I've found the sacred map that may lead me to this garden everyone keeps talking about.

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