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FICO Scores not changing on lenders end?

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FICO Scores not changing on lenders end?

I have steadily watched, disputed, paid off things, etc. on my credit since two weeks ago, had accounts viewed as paid in full, had accounts deleted, had credit limits raised, had another error removed on all three reports. Paid for all three reports, I've watch my points go up from 14, 33 & 69 points on the three bureaus.


Pulled myFICO scores  a few days back and we 20, 30 & 40 points higher than the week before.


My lender just pulled them so we could hopfeully finish up our loose ends on our refi & nothing has moved. Not on mine or my husbands. Disputes are finished, what is the deal? Everything else has been fixed but the FICO scores from my lender... can we do a rapid rescore or how can I have the bureaus fix this asap? 


Getting bummed!

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Re: FICO Scores not changing on lenders end?

I would look through your reports to see if the lender pulled a soft or hard inquiry on or slightly after the day they last said they pulled your reports. There are some examples in here of lenders saying they re-pulled only to use an older report or reports instead. If there are no inquiries, then they didn't re-pull. Also if they repulled, then by law they have to give you your reports if they used the report as a basis for approval/scores.

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