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FICO score and light credit checks.

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Re: FICO score and light credit checks.

I want your service, but like the others, am not going to give up a credit pull, and my scores are well above your minimum. I offered to pay a year in advance to keep from getting a pull, and was told you couldn't do it.

BTW, Time Warner Cable (who I despise) also did a pull after I was told they would not. I'm stuck with them because I can't afford another hard pull. I've not applied for new credit in 6 years, but I am showing 4 pulls (landlord; Electricity; Cable; New checking account (no credit);, in the last 6 months because of a job required move. I paid the gas and water companies an extra deposit to keep from having a pull.

Good luck in your business though. In a year or so, I may have a hard pull to spare, and will be calling.
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Re: FICO score and light credit checks.

idjeepguy wrote:
I don't think that could have been us. we only pull our credit checks with the customers permission and we have to get the last 4 of their social along with their adress. After that is waiting for about 30sec (sometimes longer as our ONE server is located in denver) and we get a message that our client is either approved or not. I am sure there is someone here that could read this and know (more likly than not) if that sounds like a soft check or a hard pull.

The INQ's were deleted without me getting 1K X2 from them.
I was teasing you, but I am sure it was someone just like you that miskeyed. I bet they got DENIED anyways.

My EQ is the lowest- Directtv and Echostar.
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