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FICO vs. FAKO – Share your FAKO stories


Re: FICO vs. FAKO – Share your FAKO stories

Credit karma says I am 608 TU,  my CCT FICO says 675, capitalone creditwise vantage score 3.0 shows 613 and my barclays card credit score says 676.  I recently applied for a car loan and it came back with 670TU from NavyFed. So all the ones excluding CK and Capone are pretty close.

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Re: FICO vs. FAKO – Share your FAKO stories

Is there any bank that actually uses vantage score?

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Re: FICO vs. FAKO – Share your FAKO stories

I pulled my FICO scores from and Vantage from CreditKarma.  


EQ  609 FICO - 710 VS

TU  602 FICO - 692 VS


So, yeah, I'm looking pretty good on VS, not that it really matters.  I'm glad I went to MF instead of relying on CK or I'd think my scores are about 100 points higher than they actually are.

1/12/16 EQ535 TU493 EX583
Current EQ711 TU704 EX696
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Re: FICO vs. FAKO – Share your FAKO stories

I took out a car loan last week, waiting for it to hit my reports.


The FICO 8 simulator is predicting a 30 to 35 point score drop in my FICO 8 scores.


My Vantage 3.0 simulators on Credit Karma and Capital One are both predicting..... no change at all in my Vantage 3.0 scores.


Will be interesting to see what actually happens. If the simulators are close to accurate, I would love to know the reason for the big difference.



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Re: FICO vs. FAKO – Share your FAKO stories

Thankfully, when I started my rebuild 3 years ago, somehow I luckily found Myfico and read up on a lot. This allowed me to be aware of the Fako before it could even trick me, thank God!!

Now, anytime I see FAKO, Vantage, or whatever other score, I always shrug it off and pay it no mind lol.


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Re: FICO vs. FAKO – Share your FAKO stories

Funny thing was my when my fakos were up, my ficos were down.  I mostly used Creditkarma as you can see your 2 full reports.  Now that my ficos are up, my fakos are lower than them.  Very stranage.  I still check Quizzle,, & Creditsesame since they/re free and do monitoring also. They're still not as high as my ficos.  I guess I will have to purchase them on here to see my fico 9 scores.   I use Experian as I can get an up to date score every day or 1/2 day.  And if I want all three, I pay.  Since most seem to pull EX, I thought it was the best choice since it started as my lowest score.  

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Re: FICO vs. FAKO – Share your FAKO stories

I was gauging my credit with Credit Karma and I was OK with that until I was denied a few times and the lenders put my fico score on the 7-10 letter. Well for Amex and Cap1 the had me about 30 points lower than CK. I will run my info with myfico before applying in the future. I did not realize lenders still used older Fico models in decisions.
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Re: FICO vs. FAKO – Share your FAKO stories



I have tried many, Credit Karma, Credit Sesame, Credit Cards, Identity Guard. The only site that comes close to this is identity guard. Scores are within 5 to 10 of scores on here. Credit Karma scores were 80 points off!!!


I received 680+ here fico 8. I recently started my credit 1.2 years ago with a 550 score after recovering from a bad accident which left me on disability for 2 years. I started with a $300 dollar secured card from First Progress, and Capital one.


1.2 Years later I have an Amex white 2000CL, Capital One QuickSilver 5300CL, Chase Freedom 4000CL, NFL BarClay 1500CL, Capital One Secured (oldest Account) 800CL, Sync Amazon Prime Card 3000CL, Citi Best Buy Visa 2500CL, Sync Chevron 500CL, Sync 76gas 500CL, Citi Double Rewards 5000CL, Discover It Card 1000CL, Sync Walmart Credit Card 4000CL 21% utilization. I need to pay it down! Education is the key to increasing your score quick and easy and putting the power back in your hands! I can not wait to see where I am in another year.

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Re: FICO vs. FAKO – Share your FAKO stories

My last negative aged off TU last week, and now the FICO8 vs Vantage disparity has reached a new level of absurdity, with FICO at 761 and Vantage  at 654- a 107 point difference.


One of my CU's sent me an online survey the other day, and the only change I suggested for them was to get rid of the free Vantage score they started including, as it does nothing but obfuscate the true credit situation. 


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Re: FICO vs. FAKO – Share your FAKO stories

On Credit Karma's score simulator, pretending to add a new card with a limit of $1,000,000 increased my score.


But wait! There's more!


Pretending to add a card with a $10,000,000 limit predicted a drop of 40 points! Smiley Surprised

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