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FICO vs. FAKO – Share your FAKO stories

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Re: FICO vs. FAKO – Share your FAKO stories

My fico is a subsidary of fair isaacs lending so the my you go to and get your (true fico) is not your true fico, it is not the score lenders see, if you truly want the score lenders see you will have to ask the person that you applied for credit to and ask them to show your real score, so my fico are fakes also

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Re: FICO vs. FAKO – Share your FAKO stories


TransUnion = Credit Karma (737), Capital One Credit Tracker (735), Discover It - says FICO, but says info is from TU (710).

Equifax = Credit Karma (742).

Experian = (697).


Pulled from the Credit Bureau Web Sites: (11/23/2015)

Transunion = 737 (clean report, util 2%, no bk, no co, no public, no lates, 3 cards-Chase Freedom, Discover It, Cap One Plat, AAoa 9 mos., 4-Inq's)

( I think they used a Vantage Score Model)

Equifax = 693 (same as above - 6 Inq's)

Experian = 639 (1 - $671 Student Loan Deliq. from 1987, they will not remove, TU & EQ removed due to time, EX says that a co company reported it in 2012, so I'm stuck for the 7 year timeframe,) So, I just put a Security Freeze on Experian and now no one can pull it without my permission or pin number! All else is same as TU & EQ,, 6-inq's)

It seems 9 out 10 pull from Experian for some reason. Figures that my worst score is where everyone goes.


I applied for Chase Freedom with a Fako Credit Karma Fako of 630 and was approved for $1200 (7 Months Age). Then, applied for Discover It with the same Credit Karma Fako 620 and was approved for $1250 (8 Months Age). Got a Secured Capitial One Card ( 10 Months Age) to start building and at 6 months they CLI $300, for a $600 Limit. On my 6th month with Discover It, I went on-line and requested a CLI, and was automatically with a SP given a $1000 CLI.


Still building, but need to garden to get those Inq's off, and get some time behind me.


Any advise on how to continue to build effectively, please let me know.






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Re: FICO vs. FAKO – Share your FAKO stories

Pretty new to this, with only about 1 year and 2 months worth of history I haven't requested for any free credit reports yet so I'm not sure how accurate these are.. but here it is:

CK Trans: 743 EQ: 731, these scores have NOT CHANGED FOR 3 MONTHS

and the free CITI FICO + EQ monthly score: 738 (as of 10/27/15)

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Re: FICO vs. FAKO – Share your FAKO stories

I currently have two American Express Cards, the oldest is in connection with Costco that will go away sometime after the first of the year.  I applied a couple of months ago for a new American Express Card since my current card will end.  I received a new Blue Cash American Express card with a $20,000 line of credit.  The old American Express/Costco card also had a $20,000 limit.  Everything was fine until American Express slashed my credit limit in half, to $10,200.  No problem, other than the impact this had on my FICO score.  Their actions impacted me negatively to the tune of -25 points.  Granted, my credit score with Equifax (FICO) is still in the excellent range but had I been on the bubble, this could have been an expensive error, not caused by me.  American Express says it shouldn't affect my FICO, but we all know that is not true.  FICO assesses the information reported and makes a determination which is reflected in your FICO score.   I also understand Equifax has their own credit score which has to be purchased for $7.95, which I guess I will do to see what theirs stands.  


A prime example of Creditor Manipulation of the FICO Scoring system. Anyone else in this boat?

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Re: FICO vs. FAKO – Share your FAKO stories

Typical for AX. Did the same thing to me a few years ago. In my opinion they are no longer worth dealing with esp for the average joe they appeartoonly be interested in their "highest income bracket" clients.

AX Hilton Aspire 20k, AX Bonvoy Brilliant 15k, AX BCP 2k, AX Blue Bus Cash 15k, AX Delta Air Platinum 49k, (AU) AX Delta Gold 15k, AX Amazon Prime Bus 25k, BC Uber 29k, AKUSA FCU -10k , CITI AAdvantage Exec World Elite MC 16.5k, Discover (2) 16k, Kohls-4k, VS Comenity $3k, BofA AK Air Siggy 9.8k, WF Propel AX 5k, JCP $10k PFCU Plat Rewards Siggy 39.5k, PFCU Power Cash Rewards AX 10.5k, NFCU Flagship 50k, CLOC 15k, CITI Costco 9.5k, GAP VISA Synchrony $9k,Target MC 9k, Ulta MC Comenity 9k, Pay Pal 1k, CO Venture One 23k, US Bank Radisson Rewards Signature 10k, US Bank Fred Meyers World MC, 11k, US Bank Plat VISA 15.7k, VS Comenity 2k, 240k total available credit. Utiliz-2%, Current FICO EQ-724, EX 763,TU 802 ,Chapt 7 BK D/C 11-2012. Starting scores 520-550
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Re: FICO vs. FAKO – Share your FAKO stories

While I didn't check any "FAKO" scores, I am subscribed here to MYFICO and the scores that were shown to me from the finance company (auto lease) were EXACTLY what was shown on MYFICO. 


So, that was reassuring in regards to what MYFICO offers versus other sites, although again, I can't compare how accurate my FAKO scores were/are as I just didn't check.

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Re: FICO vs. FAKO – Share your FAKO stories

I notice some posters hate the reference Fako... "Fico is Fico, Vantage is Vantage, Proprietary is Proprietary, etc". I have read that some are hoping "Vantage takes a larger share of the market to eliminate Fair Isaac's current corner". Some people have said "At least Vantage includes such items as the effects of a global recession in their scoring model". and that "Fico's model just let's those (affected) pay some more in interest".  Some could say "This thread is another action to hold FI's current share in the market" which to me, makes good business practice.  


I don't care about this competitive stuff (i use myFICO to monitor Fico scores($25 per month) and others to monitor Vantage3 scores(free)).  But it may make sense.  


IMO there are so few variables in a credit report, writing a piece of credit risk software is (these days) child's play. Fair Isaac being around since 56' and Vantage being so new to the industry (06' i think) is a factor.  Judging by the 4 to 5x increase in stock value ($95 from $22) since the recession... you guys are doing great!   :]    congrats!



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Re: FICO vs. FAKO – Share your FAKO stories

The only thing that worries me from Vantage's perspective is if it grows and becomes more accepted, how many credit monitoring sources do I need to really monitor my credit? 


This may be one of those cases where less is more, where competition and variety just means more headaches from my perspective.


There comes a point--at least from the creditor's perspective--that there really will be too much of a good thing.  In other words, if there are too many risk models out there, one could literally shop around until they see an answer that they want to see and not necessarily one that is truly representative of that risk, and that can be dangerous.


It gets to a point where everyone is emphasizing a different piece of the overall risk pie as I'm sure all of these models probably look at the same thing, but just weigh things differently.  How many ways can you cut that pie?  There is a finite limit.


While I'm not saying monopolies are a good thing, but when it comes to credit-risk models, there really could be too much of a good thing. 






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Re: FICO vs. FAKO – Share your FAKO stories

  1. Where did you get your FAKO score?
  2. Which FAKO score did you receive and from which bureau?
  3. Where did you get your genuine FICO® Score?
  4. Which FICO® Score did you receive and from which bureau?
  5. What type of loan/credit were you applying for? (type, rate, terms, etc. are all helpful)
  6. Share your FAKO story (What was your first impression when you received your FAKO score? How did you figure out that it was not a FICO® Score or that it was different than a FICO® Score? How did the FAKO score impact your loan/credit experience? )

1  My very first score I ever looked at was from CreditKarma  Smiley Happy  (765)

2  CreditKarma, Credit, Quizzle, CreditSesame

3  From the lender after a credit card application

4  Amerian Express - Experian

5  BCP

6  When I saw my Fako scores I was like ..oh .. not to bad as it was in the 750-760 range. But then when I received my true Fico from Experian through Amex I was shocked as this was 800+ at that time  (bankcard version)  Smiley Happy 

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Re: FICO vs. FAKO – Share your FAKO stories

I pay for Experian's credit monitoring service, directly through  Is that giving me a FICO or a FAKO?  I also have free CK for the other two, which I understand are FAKO's.  Is there a good place to get all three real FICO scores in one place?  If so, I'll ditch Experian's $21.95/month service and get whatever the best one is.  Thanks in advance!

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