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Fako scores....NOW I understand why...


Re: Fako scores....NOW I understand why...

UltimateWarrior91 wrote:

If only lenders can provide your Experian FICO score, then what are you getting on this site?  Is the Experian FICO score you're getting on this site even accurate??  I do know that some credit card companies provide your free Experian score (i.e. Credit One) but I'm not sure if it's FAKO or FICO.  


I do have to believe most lenders are still using FICO scores.  When I requested a CLI from Capital One and the letter they sent me with my EQ score matched exactly what was on this site (FICO score).  I do find that the FAKO scores are all over the place especially with Experian.  Their quote on quote "Plus" score on EXP's site is the lowest out of all my other scores (TU FICO & EQ FICO) but otherwise my EXP is the highest out of the 3 bureaus, even on myfico and through other sites such as Credit Sesame.  

This is a two and change year old post: at the time Experian's FICO score was not available from this site.  


That has since been rectified, and the score offered here is explicity Experian's FICO '08 baseline score.  It is used by a non-trivial number of credit card issuers; however, it is not used for most (perhaps all) mortgages, nor many auto loans so there's a limit as to how accurate it is for a specific purpose.

Starting Score: EQ 5 561, TU 98 567, EX 2 599 (12/30/11)
Current Score: EQ 5 771, TU 4 741, EX 2 776, EQ 8 809, TU 8 774, EX 8 822 (1/1/18)
Goal Score:    EQ 5 771, TU 4 750, EX 2 776, EQ 8 809, TU 8 774, EX 8 822 (01/01/19)

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