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Finding free FICO scores

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Finding free FICO scores

Got a pretty some nice lulz that shows the difference of FICO vs Vant3... CK and Chase Journey show my TU as 718 via Vant3. My Discover Scorecard shows my TU as 742 via FICO8. Both updated the same day with matching info. Definitely rather lenders pull that FICO. Smiley Wink

Anyway looking at them, I noticed I do not have a way to see my EQ FICO... TU I get from Discover, EX I get from a free account from Experian... What is the best way to get my EQ FICO for free?
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Re: Finding free FICO scores

You can open a savings account with Langley CU and get a free EQ FICO 8 Classic with them.


Many people have a Citi card and get a free EQ FICO 8 Bankcard Enhanced with them.  It's not exactly the same model as FICO 8 Classic but it it is still more than adequate.  If a person actually wants to compare the three bureaus using the same model it's a bad idea anyway to use credit cards or CUs, since the scores aren't being drawn at the same instant.  The best approach for a 3B comparison would be the $1 trial with Credit Check Total.

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Re: Finding free FICO scores

Penfed and Navy Federal also offer Equifax 9 scores.


PF would be for anyone willing to donate and Navy would require ties to Military.


Possibly could be others out there.

And CGID also showed the score site.


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Re: Finding free FICO scores

Dollar Trials are the way to go.

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