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First post! Moving between brackets in catagory.

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Re: First post! Moving between brackets in catagory.

CreditGuyInDixie wrote:

Hi Sheridan.  What I can definitely tell you is two things:


(a)  The AAoA figure that Karma's summary software gives you ignores all closed accounts.


(b)  The score that Karma gives you is Vantage 3 -- which includes closed accounts (in its age-related factors), just as FICO does.


Therefore whatever is going on with your Vantage scores, if AAoA had anything to do with it, you'd need to compute your AAoA separately as a starting point for speculating about it -- rather than using the figures from (a).


Basically you have reports from two different CRAs showing very different things and having different V3 scores.  The only way I can see to get help in figuring out what is causing the difference would be to create a separate thread that describes in detail all the accounts on each report and then hope somebody with a big interest in Vantage (and reliable knowledge of it) is willing to sort through them and hazard a giess as to why the score difference.


You may not get any takers, however, since most people here seem to have the perspective of "It's just Vantage, who cares?"  If it were FICO 8 you might get more people who have both the interest in and knowledge of that algorithm.


Good luck regardless.....

What evidence do you have that Vantage3 includes closed accounts (in its age-related factors)?

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Re: First post! Moving between brackets in catagory.

Thom Thumb knows and can supply the documentation for that.  Like you and me, he once thought that V3 considered only open accounts, precisely because of Karma's summary software.  But a few other people corrected him and supplied him with all the appropriate documentation.


Actually, I think I just found a fairly recent thread about this.  Scroll down and look at Revelate's comment and then scroll down a few more for the comment by contributor IV.

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Re: First post! Moving between brackets in catagory.

Thanks for the link.


Well that makes my TU V3 score even more bizarre, then.   So in my case, the report with less than a year of AAA, oldest account of 1.1 years, and an old judgement still showing (EQ) is 76 points HIGHER than the report with an AAA of 3.9 years, oldest account of 20 years, and absolutely clean (TU)!   There must be some weird scorecard stuff going on with Vantage.  Fortunately, my Fico8 TU is 761, easily my highest score of the three-as common sense would expect it to be, so I'm only concerned about this as a credit curiosity.



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