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Giant Victory EQ Gained 75 pts+

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Giant Victory EQ Gained 75 pts+

Eq went from 690-765 after I made my a rather large payment on my Discover It. I pay for my schooling a year in advance and Discover is always great about giving me a 0% APR for 12 months. (I pay it back once I get scholarships or work reinburses me). 


Other two scores Were always in the 700 could never get EQ out of the 600 range. Well I paid 47% of my outstanding debt on my discover. It was at 22% UTI and it brought it to 12% UTI. 

Equifax jumped 75 pts with the elimination of half the balance. Of course EX is not updating. The same 47% payment on my TU only showed a 8pt bump to 746. 


With one payment EQ is now my highest!!!!!! 


This is a giant victory for me! AS EQ has always been my downer. Smiley Very Happy

13 TL -145K In Revolving Credit
Current My Fico EQ: 777 - TU:783 (Discover) - EX: 765 Last App 9/27/2016-Last HP 10/5/16
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Re: Giant Victory EQ Gained 75 pts+

Nice bump! Congrats!


TU is my bane, EQ used to be.

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Re: Giant Victory EQ Gained 75 pts+

That is HUGE! Congratulations!!!

| Gardening goal: Jun 2016 Baby Steps | Sep 2015 scores EQ 639 TU 678 EX 653 | In the garden since 7/24/15 | Util 21% |
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Re: Giant Victory EQ Gained 75 pts+

Awesome...congratulations on the huge jump!

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Re: Giant Victory EQ Gained 75 pts+

Congratulations on the score jump!

Starting Scores (01/01/15): EQ 571 TU 531 EX 543
Current Scores (06/22/17): EQ 689 TU 710 EX 702
Goal Score (by 01/01/18): 740+ across the board
Seedlings last planted on 05/31/17. Cultivating until 2018 (hopefully)
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