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Got it straight from FICO rep, WARNING!

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Re: Got it straight from FICO rep, WARNING!

Try to make my questions from above post more succinct...sort of lost in all my verbage. What will hurt score the most... letting 90 day lates continue to show w/o dispute to avoid 'updating'.. or dispute, hopefully get the 90 days removed, but then have a recent (according to their updating report date) charge off? TU is only showing the charge off, so no dispute there. EX & EQ show the 90 lates after the CO was paid. And should I try to dipute direct to Providian? Would I get any better result?! This is where I'm confused because supposedly, (what I've been told), it's the bureaus that are considering a charge off as a 90 day late.....I'm just not sure why they do that after its been paid!

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FICOS: TU 732(05-16-16) EQ '08 739( 05-16-16) EX 737 (08-17-16)
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