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HP on your credit

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HP on your credit



Does anyone know the metric used to determine how much effect hard pulls have on your score as they age?


IE does a HP that is 9 months have the same effect on your score as a HP that is 1 month old?



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Re: HP on your credit

As HPs age they have a smaller impact on your credit score.  Most damage is done during the first 6 months, less during the 2nd 6 month period and no effect in the third 6 month period.

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Re: HP on your credit

Thank you. 

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Re: HP on your credit

There is also an effect from length of credit history, at least that was the effect of some experimenting I did with the score simulator.  Having a short history means the HP has much more effect than having a long history, it will both have more negative at the start, and will age more slowly.

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