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Higher bucket causes lower score

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Re: Higher bucket causes lower score

Interesting finding and info, T.Thumb.  That does make sense and would suggest that to get the best scores relative to one another they should be pulled at a time when nothing is reporting.

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Re: Higher bucket causes lower score

Ok that makes total sense.  I notice that too in my "snapshots". 


Also please excuse me.  I've never been able to rid myself completely of the suspicion/paranoia of all this.  :-)

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Re: Higher bucket causes lower score

I haven't been on this forum along time (even though my stats says I've read 7,069 posts), but this is the first time I've heard of buckets. It certainly explains what I have felt, in a much more defined way, about being on different levels. I had discussions with a few of you on this thread (under the name terrynj then) about huge score swings with my util moving around. Basically I had a $1k card for 4 years and bought a TV on a 36 mo/zero interest devil card. I at the time had 5 bad derogs that were 6 yrs old. My score was 680 before the TV and 630 after. I started learning about credit and begin to pay down the TV. At 49% util I was at 645, at 37% it went to 655 which followed a chart I had (Thats another story) that my scores followed perfectly. By the time I was down to below 30% I was back up around 680. The chart showed that by the time I would be down to 1%, I could be at 755.


BrutalBodyShots said he swung his util 30 % and it only made about 6pts differences in his score. i felt at the time, I new my profile was completely different than his... your not going to get to 750 if you have 5 derogs and 1% util. I  now understand that would be because your in a different bucket and have leveled off. I cant compare anything now, because my circumstances have changed. I only have 1 derog and now it falls off next month. I picked up 2 new credit cards in september (BCE and CSP) , my util is 12%. Neither card is reporting...yet


I had crept up to the 690's in August, but I cant say for sure because I didn't know how to pull Fico scores and only had 1 Fako. I had to buy a new car, so when I did, my scores dropped. I have 2 cars with around 30k cl and owed 15k. new car cl 21k...owed 21k so new total Installment util was Revolving was a TCL 9k and owed 17% at the here is what my scores dropped to:


My first myFico 3B pull 9/10: EQ-662 TU-667 EX-675 - Cant really compare this to anything since this is my first true fico8 pull


Now heres my scores as of 10/3...EQ-652 TU704 EX 680- Neither new card had hit.


I pif'ed my Chase card and it reported to all 3B, my 12% util dropped to 8% with the extra 5k cl

Now heres my scores as of 10/7...EQ-658 TU700 EX 681- Chase card reporting and going under 10% util


Now I am nervous about when the BCE hits...My AAoA is what is going to cringe..Longest acct is 10yrs onTU, EQ & EX don't show a car I had 10 years ago, so they show 8yrs, which is why I think they run lower than TU. my AAoA is around 3.8 yrs,, so 2 new cards and car is going to hurt, but I will be aging them from here on out.


It will be very interesting when my derog falls off in November. My report should be clean (& 6 yrs perfect payments) and a new bucket maybe? Will my low AAoA and recent inq's and new accts put me in a different (less dirty lol) bucket?



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