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Highest credit score users

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Highest credit score users


He has the highest score I've seen, I sent him a pm:


The guy who has the 846 overall FICO score didn't tell the details of what his information is, which was a let down. I know it's personal, but would it be ok if I knew your information (number of credit cards, credit limit total, number of accounts, types of accounts, amount for each mortgage/auto/other accounts, etc.)? It would be much more easier for me to see how the FICO scores work since they are all different and kept secret how they really are calculated.


[quote]I am only 21, I am trying to perfect everything I can and then just basically let time build my credit. I have 4700 credit limit with my 5 credit cards, and I have a total balance of 1300 (27.66% utilization, I usually have it around 1-5%). My student loan is 2yrs 2 months old and my AAoAs is 10 months. So I have a total of 6 accounts. My mix of accounts is pretty bad. I have never missed a payment, no bankruptcies, liens, child support, etc. I have 11 inquiries on my experian report (9 and 8 on the other 2) and 1 on my FICO.


Also what are your Vantage, Auto and Home insurance scores? You can get all three from


What websites do/did you use to get you to this point? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.[/quote]


If you have a high score, and if you don't mind, could you share your information? I believe it would be of great deal of help to everyone if we could see people's information and the scores they have. It would feel like the weights been lifted from me personally, I am always thinking about credit.

Starting Score: 03/17/2013 665 EQ 01/09/2013 EX 724 TU 739?
Current Score: 03/27/2013 682 EQ 01
Goal Score: 850 all three FICO scores, 900 Vantage score, max insurance scores, etc.

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