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How can a $29 dispute sink a sterling credit record?

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Re: How can a $29 dispute sink a sterling credit record?

I don't like stating the obvious but, based on responses to your situation so far, I think I need to chime in with this: You just learned why it's so important to monitor, on a regular schedule, your credit reports and FICO scores. This would have alerted you to the fact there was a problem before it became irretrievable.
Also, even though you were "HAD?" by GEMB it really won't be the last time something of this nature will happen to you, and you have to decide if you want fight for your rights or, do you want excellent credit? You sound like a logical thinker and you can figure this out if you take a few minutes to cool down and forget the emotional side of what was done to you.
I'm certain you'll come to the correct reaction for the situation and I wish you "Good Luck".
FICO scores on November 17, 2014 (prior to applying for and being approved my mortgage)


FICO scores on March 4, 2015 after being approved for mortgage and buying the home, the mortgage isn't yet reporting.
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