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How long do late payments stay on credit report?

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Re: Late payments Reported Unfairly, how can I fight that?

First, check your credit report.  If it is like you said, then the account should show closed and have a status like "Not Paid" or "Settled".  You want it is say "Paid in Full".  You should try to contact the company who gave you the account and work with them to pay off whatever remaining balance they show you left on the account before they closed it.  Make sure they understand that after you pay them that they must report to the credit agencies that this account should show "Paid in Full".  You may not be able to get the delinquancy to go away, but showing that the account was paid off as it should have been it really the part that matters most.  Your score will pop right up probably a month or so after this is taken care of (as long as this is the only bad account on your report).

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