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Huge (relatively) TU Score Bumps

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Huge (relatively) TU Score Bumps

Hi, All


Checked the Walmart FICO and I went up 33 points and DH went up 44 points.  These are HUGE score boosts for us these days, since we've done what we can and are just gardening.


The only thing I can see is our CH 7 turned 7 years old this month?   I canceled SW because I haven't been getting ANY score changes for months now, and I mean months.  Not a single point, with balances going way up and way down.    So EQ may or may not have changed, too.  I have all of our old reports for well over a year and I just don't see anything else other than age - though the top two factors affecting both of us are "Public Record" and "Short Credit History".  weird.


Anyway, just thought I'd throw this out there to see what anyone thinks. 


ETA:  (i was 33 not 23 AND - it was DEFINITELY the aging of the BK.  Just pulled out two giant 3 ring binders and went through everything.  Credit Sesame also gave us both nice jumps, for whatever that is worth).

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Re: Huge (relatively) TU Score Bumps



You guys are doing great!

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Re: Huge (relatively) TU Score Bumps

Nice score bumps!  Congrats!

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Re: Huge (relatively) TU Score Bumps

That's great, Congrats!

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