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I don’t get it!!

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Re: I don’t get it!!

@Birdman7 wrote:
Number of accounts with a balance is going to be more of a factor on the mortgage scores than version eight or nine. Even if all accounts had a balance, I don’t think it would take 20 points from version eight, assuming utilization is in check.

If I ever come up for air and the refinance or new mortgage is sorted after this period of confusion in terms of what I'm doing financially I'll test that, but it wouldn't surprise me if it was about 20 points on FICO 8 for me on a clean scorecard.

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Re: I don’t get it!!

OP how many accounts do you have and how many have a balance?

(Forgive typos, mobile.)(Everything said is Just IMHO.)
Scores updated March 2020.

In order to better answer your questions and record your DPs, please provide your profile stats: Any baddies? (clean/dirty), Number of accounts open and closed on CRs (thick/thin), AoOA? (aged/nonaged), AoYR-Age of Youngest Revolver (new accounts/no new accounts)? Open/closed loan on CR?
For example, mine is clean/thick/aged/new accounts, with open loan on record.
If you don't know where you fall, just list whether you have any baddies, your number of open and closed accounts, AoOA, AoYR and whether you have a loan on record.
For utilization questions, list individual and aggregate utilizations, revolving and installment. please.
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