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I have no fico score

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I have no fico score

Ok, I was told to come to this site for my C.R and score b/c it is a more reliable look at my score and report. I went for the free trial and all that came up was that I have no score.I also purchased the 5.95 credit help option which is going to do me no good b/c I have no score or reports showing. I however, do not understand b\c I have freecreditreport which isn't actually free I pay 19.95 mo. for my score watch and report . I know that I have a score of 588experian 597transunion 597 equifax... by not having any score\report here does that mean those scores are irrelevant? which ones really matter? Which ones do the credit card co. usually pull> I have no revoloving credit and I am trying to establish a credit history! I am a Sheriffs Deputy and I am trying to purchase a home for me and my family without any score as the fico shows... I don't have a chance do I ?. Ps I did purchase my truck w\ 250pym after dwn.pym in good standing and paid off in 2 yrs they just did not report! Can I make them? I also have been renting for 3yrs in the same place in good standing as well... any advise here would be very helpful to me ---- Thank you
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I'm not sure what to ell you abnout having no score call...

I'm not sure what to ell you abnout having no score call customer service and let them know you are able to pull your file on a nother site.  Might be a tec isue.  As far as buying a houese many lenders will take alternate payment info such as utility bills and rental history in llieu of a score.  My best friend got hers that way and got a great 6% rate to boot with NO credit.
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Thank you for your time and help!!

Thank you for your response. I figured that I should ..... have a score and report here if I have one at my paid credit report site. I will contact customer support !  Also I did not think I could get those type of rates with my credit scores the way they are ..... I need to find out what my fico score is .... hopefully it is just .... a tech. error
Thank you for your time
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