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I'm weak. I caved. Bought the car.


I'm weak. I caved. Bought the car.

After giving you my 2 cents in the post "Success Story"

I decided that I did not want to pass up such a good deal, so ended up getting the car anyway. The hard work paid off though. I got financing through my credit union and with a 5 year term on a used car loan only have an APR of 5.99% -- not too shabby. I'll rent instead of buy a condo for a little while longer, it's nice not to stress about a mortgage, property taxes, and HOA fees for now.

Thanks for all the kind words in my last post.
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Re: I'm weak. I caved. Bought the car.

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For age and want, save while you may; no morning sun lasts a whole day.
--Benjamin Franklin
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