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I need mid score of 600 for VA loan...

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I need mid score of 600 for VA loan...

My scores are garbage, but I'm trying so hard. Any advice? Will paying down student loans help utility?


22000 in debt with 20000 coming from student loans. Student loans have had some lates, but have been good for a year in January. (Will I see a score increase then or is that not even notable?)


I have paid CO's (would not agree to PFD) on CR that haven't been updated yet. One shows I still owe 1435, but that will be coming off this month. Score increase?


I am paying off last CO this month with Verizon, but they will not agree to PFD so I don't know if this will even help my score.


I have one CC with a $500 CL and it is carrying a $148 balance. I will pay that off this month. Should I take it to $0 or leave a few dollars on it?


PLEASE HELP...I'm willing to do whatever, I just don't know what to do. The creditors I have left all seem to be the worst ones according to these forums. No GW from Capital One for lates, NO GW for student loans, NO GW for Sears lates, NO PFD from Verizon or Midland...I did get yes from medical Hippa and a PFD from vanguard financial, so all is not a loss.




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Re: I need mid score of 600 for VA loan...

The fact that you are paying off your charge-offs will help you on a manual review of your credit, but will not help your score.  a CO is a CO in FICO's eyes.


In my opinion, the points you lost for being late on your student loans will offset the points you would have gained for age.


How many GW letters did you send each of those creditors?  It will more than likely take more than one.  I am attempting to do the same with one of my creditors, & I am currently on letter #4.

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Re: I need mid score of 600 for VA loan...

FICO scoring gives a much higher weight to revolving %util than it does to install %util.  So paying down the student loan will probably not give any great FICO increase.

Paying a CO or CA has no direct positive affect on FICO score. FICO does not erase a CO or CA if paid.  It only affects a manual review by a new creditor.

Keep the current card below $49 each month (under 10%).

I would only conclude by saying that your concern for FICO score is apparently based on your desire to apply for a mortgage loan.  FICO is just a part of what they look at;  FICO does not consider other indeptness, income, bank balances, current total debt, or debt to income.  If you pour a lot of $$ into trying to achieve a higher FICO score, it will impact your other assets.  Mortgage loans are not all just FICO.



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Re: I need mid score of 600 for VA loan...

On the gw letters, keep sending them, however, please check the address you are using for Sears. I got no gw from them at first, then I found another Sears address on this forum and received gw, try this one:


Citi Cards

8725 W Sahara Ave

The Lakes, NV  89163-0001


Good Luck!



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