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I paid 60 dollars and got an error 130

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I paid 60 dollars and got an error 130



I'm new to my fico so pardon my ignorance. I paid the full price through paypal for all three scores and when I checked one I got an error 130. It said I have no score at all. I haven't had a credit card in around 10 years or car payment for a round 5. Now I can't find how to check the other two scores. It just sends me to the page to order them. I know I probably did something wrong, but as it stands right now it looks like I paid almost 60 dollars for nothing. I'm not going to pay for this again.  I just wanted to know what score I had so I know what kind of credit card I can try to apply for.


I know I probably should have done a little research before shelling over the money...but any help would be great.



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Re: I paid 60 dollars and got an error 130

Do you have any open and reporting accounts right now like a CC, a mortgage, loans, etc.? If everything you have is closed, then you wouldn't have any FICO score.


Here's the minimum scoring requirements for a FICO:

· At least one account that has been open for six months or more
· At least one undisputed account that has been reported to the credit bureau with in the past six months
· No indication of deceased on the credit report (Please note: if you share an account with another person this may affect you if the other account holder is reported deceased).


I don't know the error codes, but I suspect that's what happened based on what your posted. If not, I'd give them a call. The charge should only be a temporary authorization and will be reversed because the purchase never went through.

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