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Inquiry,Security not authorized inquiries?

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Inquiry,Security not authorized inquiries?

Good Morning...!

Hello ..hello to all of you.....  i receive an alert on my equifax report 10 days ago KEY BANK MADE an inquiry in my credit report i don't have any accounts with key bank of any nature.

My credit score drop 15 points .....!! how is this possible??

Plus i  called several times KEY BANK SO THEY CAN'T EXPLAIN TO ME WHY THEY RUN THAT INQUIRY ON MY CREDIT REPORT and finally i received a letter from them stating was a mistake and it will be removed in 30 days. plus they refuse to tell me where the inquiry came from?

Do i have any rights? is there a fix for this ?

Thank you for reading  i would appreciate your advice to all of you...!

Have a good day.


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You took the first step by monitoring your credit reports...

You took the first step by monitoring your credit reports.  I found something very odd in the course to clean up my credit.  Creditors can do ANYTHING to your credit report. It may have been an issue of someone keying in an SSN wrong or it could have been something more sinister such as someone applying for a loan and giving their SSN one digit off hoping to avoid their own credit mess, or someone who actually has your SSN requesting credit and listing your as co-borrower (this happened to me without my knowledge. Luckily at the time, the joke was on them).
The bottom line is you are doing the first thing you need to do, keeping an eye out for changes on your report.  I have had mysterious inquiries appear on my report, usually it was from an affiliate of a company I've done business with who accidentally ran a check. 
Luckily the FICO does not take into consideration race, creed, species, disability or occupation or I'm sure I be fighting againt the fact that I'm a three-legged, pink hippopotamus who works as a stripperSmiley Very Happy
The bottom line is that anyone can put anything on your CR the consumer must be very proactive the downside is that usually, its a losing battle.
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