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Interesting conversation with Experian CSR

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Interesting conversation with Experian CSR

So...I've used Experian Credit Tracker for a number of years, and today got an email that they are jacking up the price to $19.95/month.  Not wanting to pay that amount, and having recently signed up for a trial period of Credit Secure via AMEX, I called Experian to cancel my account. 


The CSR did everything he could to try to dissuade me from cancelling.  He offered the service to me for $7.95/month (but didn't say for how many months), but I wasn't going to let him sway me.  He asked if I was going to be using any monitoring service, and I told him I'd signed up for the trial period for the service thru AMEX.  At this point he made a statement trying to again dissuade me, stating "you have to be careful of American Express, their credit monitoring service is always a hard pull and will result in a lot of inquiries on your credit report".  Knowing this not to be true, I told him was very mistaken.  I told him that I already had knowledge that AMEX monitoring is a soft pull, and that I had confirmed that by checking the inquiries on my report through Experian, and they all showed soft pulls for the time since I started the trial period.  I also told him that I was aware that Experian reports and scores would soon be available through MyFICO in the very near future and since I already use that service, a direct service from Experian was now obsolete!  Left him speechless!!  At this point, all he could say was, "I'll process your cancellation request, you'll be receiving a confirming email very shortly". 


This is, of course, directly attributed to knowledge I've gained from this site.  By simply reading postings and stickies, I was able to shut him down before he could even get cranked up.  I don't think he was expecting to have an educated consumer today ! ! !   Thanks to MyFICO ! ! !

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Re: Interesting conversation with Experian CSR

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