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Is Amex pay over time considered revolving credit?


Is Amex pay over time considered revolving credit?

I’m trying to establish my US credit history and get some more attractive credit cards. Right now I just have the Amex gold charge card. I’ve recently enrolled in the pay over time feature. Will this be reported to the credit rating agencies as revolving credit?

The two big negatives on my credit bureau right now are short account history (8 mos.) and no reported revolving credit. (I have the charge card and a car loan.)

My bank offered me a credit card I’m not too excited about, but I’m tempted to take it if it will dramatically help my credit rating to start using a revolving account. I’d sooner just use the Amex pay over time feature but am not sure how that shows up on the credit bureaus?

Advice please and thank you!
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Re: Is Amex pay over time considered revolving credit?

Well, if you are willing to pay a bit of interest, it would be interesting to find out. You might be the first person here to actually use Pay Over Time, and with no other revolvers, yours would truly be a pristine experiment. The APR on those POT is quite painful to imagine.


To pull it off, you would need to get enough charged up to trigger the POT option, then let it report on a statement or two, and also pull a credit report after those statements reported to verify how it works.


On the other hand, the Credit Union card would definitely report as revolving, and probably have a lower interest rate (and you would not have to pay interest to find out, it would be a revolver just with the grace period reporting).


As it is now, with only the AMEX Gold charge card, you don't report any revolvers, and that is probably hurting your score.


Regardless if you decide to test POT (and become a living legend here) you will want to definitely get a specific revolver credit card to have that report a non-interest charging amount on the statement to improve your credit score.

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Re: Is Amex pay over time considered revolving credit?

Ha, I might have to try the pay over time option just to be a living legend on this forum! Sounds like it would still be a good idea to take the bank card I’m being offered, just to have a revolving account.
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