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Is Myfico an auto or home score?


Is Myfico an auto or home score?

I went to a Toyota dealer today to lease a car, and told him my Experian score of 677.  He asked if that was for an auto or home.  Are the scores you buy from for auto or home?  Thanks!

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Re: Is Myfico an auto or home score?

Consumers cannot purchase auto loans. Likewise, when shopping for a mortgage the TU score will be 04 again something you cannot purchase.

MyFICO offers TU98, there's an updated version called TU08 but neither of these are auto enhanced scores.
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Re: Is Myfico an auto or home score?

There are many different version FICOs: 49 in total.

There are different model years: 98, NextGen, 04, and 08

There are different model types: Classic, Bankcard Enhanced, Auto Enhanced, Mortgage, Personal FInance, and Installment Loan

There are different reporting agencies: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.


If you got your Experian score from MyFico, then it is FICO 08 Classic score which is neither Auto Enhanced nor mortgage.

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